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While many of us do not want to think about what we might have to do if one of our properties is used for illegal drug production, in this day and age many people are facing the need to deal with meth lab cleanup and remediation.  The influx of properties going into foreclosure have allowed a large number of vacant properties as well or properties people have been forced to place up for rent to prevent foreclosure.  The crystal methamphetamine industry which seems to always be flourishing is now in a position to take advantage of this cheap rent and vacant neighborhoods.  Regardless of who ran the meth lab, the property must be remediated at the cost of the home owner.  This means you the home owner are responsible for meth lab cleanup costs.  This must be done in a manner permissible by your state and the waste must be handled and disposed of in a manner that is regulated as well.

The first call you should make when you have determined your home has been used as a meth lab.  Don’t let amateurs who do not understand the legal requirements, contact our professional crime scene cleanup hotline with trained people who have been in the industry sense the beginning.  Our people will come onsite and determine what needs to be done, and how it should be handles as well as assist with any testing requirements if the have no been done yet.  The meth lab clean up pro’s will have the property back to a safe condition for other humans and you will be able to once again get your home rented out.

The final step the the meth lab remediation process is the disposal of the biohazard waste that we removed from the home.  This disposal process is always done in a manner that meets of exceeds the standards implemented by each state or epa if situation requires this.  Do not let people who do not understand this restoration process.  Clandestine meth labs are a reality that we are faced to deal with and the meth lab chemicals are extremely harmful and flammable and exposure has resulted in extreme health problems, do not be a party of not reporting or property cleaning former methamphetamine labs, contact the leaders at ACT remediation a  expert.

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