Crystal Methamphetamine: Delano Area Calendar

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Crystal Methamphetamine: Delano area calendar
Delano Farmers Market THROUGH OCTOBER – The Delano Farmers Market will be open from 2 to 6 p.m. on Wednesdays at Flippin Bill’s, 8045 County Line Road. The Farmers Market runs from May through October, weather permitting.
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Crystal Methamphetamine: Crystal Meth: The Wrong Road Pt. 3

Try meth only once and you may have the opportunity to be addicted for years. It is easy to start and hard to stop. All of these individuals have come to our dental office, usually to have teeth extracted as a result of prolonged use of Crystal Meth. Don’t let it be you! Meth mouth is real and this is what it looks like. This group of videos is currently used in many schools, police departments, and county support agencies. THESE PEOPLE ARE REAL. Let’s work together to keep our kids off this devastating and brutal drug. Please watch ALL THE VIDEOS. use this in family discussions, public classrooms, businesses, government agencies. Thanks to Andrew Heringer (look him up too) for allowing us to use his music throughout this 2 hour series.

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