Crystal Methamphetamine: Crystal Methamphetamine Stolen a Baitcar and Goes Crazy

Crystal Methamphetamine: crystal methamphetamine stolen a baitcar and goes crazy

Auto theft can be very dangerous and this is a car thief that should have thought twice before stealing a bait car .but this guy is under the influence of crystal methamphetamine robo de un auto es algo muy peligroso. y este carro trampa es algo que se deve de penzar dos veses antes de robarselo .pero este tipo esta bajo la influencia de METHAMPHETAMINA
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Crystal Methamphetamine: Delano area calendar
Delano Farmers Market THROUGH OCTOBER – The Delano Farmers Market will be open from 2 to 6 p.m. on Wednesdays at Flippin Bill’s, 8045 County Line Road. The Farmers Market runs from May through October, weather permitting.
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