What Means “Crystal Ment”?

Question by Didy04: what means “crystal ment”?

not interested to use..just saw some videos with people who used

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Answer by Who knows
What? Do you mean “crystal meth”? If so it’s a horrible, disgusting drug.

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Crystal Meth: COPS Show 2418

www.cops.com Cops “Chases, Guns and Cars Special Edition” A STOLEN VEHICLE LEADS TO A SUSPECT’S “CRYSTAL” CLEAR LIES ON “COPS” Officers in the New Orleans, LA, Police Department find themselves in a dramatic high-speed chase when they attempt to stop a car without a license plate. Later, the Spokane County, WA, Sheriff’s Office receives a call after an altercation between two neighbors results in a gunshot fired to the ground. Finally, when police in North Las Vegas, NV, locate a stolen luxury vehicle and catch the suspect in a string of lies, they discover the suspect also is in possession of crystal meth CP-2418 CC-HDTV 720p-In Stereo PA Viewer discretion is advised.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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