What Does Manufacturing Mean?

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Question by jak: what does manufacturing mean?
this is the third time ive had to repost and reword this…
\all i want to know is if you are caught with drugs can you be charged with manufacturing…
even without anything used in manufacturing…
i was getting a ride and we got pulled over… they found needls a spoon and some empty bags on me… i was in the backseat… in the car hidden was 15 gs of crystal meth…the police found it all and charged us with manufacturing with intnet to deliver… can they charge us with that successfully? even though there was nothing found to suggest we were maki8ng anything… and if they cant will it be dropped? im tired of people answering and telling me that im guilty or drugs are evil… theres no evidence of manufacturing, will it even go to court? the arresting officer messed up and put the wrong charges? thiswas six months ago and im still waiting to see if i will be indicted can they change the charges

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Answer by yourinnervoice
Your charges may be legally assessed. You need to either a)come clean about your source, or b) take the rap.

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