Is It “METH” or Malarky, Is Diamonium Phosphate the New Crystal Meth Today,?

Question by sparkelcrete: is it “METH” or malarky, is diamonium phosphate the new crystal meth today,?
an increasing amount of so called” crystal meth” has been hitting the streets , after futher reasearch, its come to my attention, phosphoric acid, coal, amonia, produce, or should i say ,grow , crystals, just like it, are people being arested or tested, or enslaved, by this epidemic, $ 1200.00 dollars a ounce for fertilizer?

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Answer by Richard
Malarky by any other name….

Diammonium phosphate (DAP) is used as a fertilizer, but because of its crystals, has been used to cut some street “Meth”.

Anhydrous ammonia is commonly used to produce “Meth”.

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