Crystal Meth: The Downfall of Using “AMPHETAMINES” to Help You Reach Your Goals. Answer From EXP Users Please!?

by jczart

Question by Temet Nosce: The downfall of using “AMPHETAMINES” to help you reach your goals. Answer from EXP users please!?
To stimulate the mind, get things done quicker and for better quality work my friend uses “ICE” (an amphetamine). Not only does it get done quicker, it is also high quality and creative work which would be hard to accomplish without being under the influence of ice. I see changes in his personality which is obviously one of the downfalls but can someone please explain how the outcome might be? I mean, can one accomplish as much as he can being under the influence? Will he reach his goals quick and positively with some health issues or will his dreams fall apart all together being in a unstable and emotional state. He seems to show a lot of potential being on ice and it’s whats making him become a frequent user. His work while being under the influence seems to be higher in quality but can someone like this be able to stay in control and reach his goals? or is the success rate NIL to almost nothing? Please give your 100% thought on this question. Thanks!

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Answer by it wears me out
“ice” means “crystal meth”

which ALWAYS ends in disaster

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