Crystal Meth: Man Finally Admits He Supplied Chemicals to Make Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth: Man finally admits he supplied chemicals to make crystal meth
A CRYSTAL meth chemical dealer from Middlesbrough involved in a long-running extradition battle has finally admitted his guilt.
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Crystal Meth: Crystal Meth Use Soars in Indonesia
The use of the drug crystal methamphetamine has been steadily on the rise in Southeast Asia, in recent years. This week, a joint report by the National Narcotics Agency and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime shows that crystal meth is the now the greatest illicit threat facing Indonesia. Known in Indonesia as “shabu shabu,” crystal methamphetamine usage has expanded exponentially. In …
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Crystal Meth: Politicians aim to end spread of crystal meth
German and Czech interior ministers are teaming up to combat spread of the drug crystal methamphetamine, which has been making its way over the Czech border and landing in the German states of Bavaria and Saxony.
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Crystal Meth: Documentary Topic “‘Crystal Meth in America” With Actor Val Kilmer as your narrator. Video 2008. Crystal Meth and mental illness plague street youth, still a very big problem. Not only, in America. This is a second video about Crystal Meth on my Channel. I think we need to take this very serous, the more people now what for drugs this is, , the better.I hope with supporting this video it will help people, not ever take this Drug, not even one time.

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