Crystal Meth: Dream and Meaning? Please Help…?

Question by Angel<3mc: Dream and meaning? Please help…?
Hello everyone, for about a month now, I have had recuring dreams that are centered around the nasty drug, “Meth”. I tried it one time and hated it, this is about a year ago. I keep having these dreams where I am using it heavily, or my family, even my step mom and she is really against drugs. It is starting to creep me out! About two years ago my brother was heavily addicted to the drug and was sent to another state for treatment, now he is back, better and cleaner than ever, however he is never home, but we are all pretty sure he is not using… Any advise??? Anyone else ever have an experience like this?

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Answer by Jack
I don’t think I can help you here, but you might want to consider paying this forum a visit;

It’s basically a forum to do with dreaming and lucid dreaming. You can learn to control your dreams there, and so on. Here is a sub-forum for dream meanings and interpretations;

Also, you can sign up here;

I’m sure if you ask there you’ll get more than enough help. 🙂

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Crystal Meth: Steve Lawler @Timewarp 01/04/2012 Live set

01- Marc Faenger – Jabberwocky 02- Ray Okpara feat. Obi Jazz – Bounce To This [MOBILEE] 03- Ray Okpara & Nekes – Go [OSLO] 04- Hauswerks & Seve – Some Don’t Work 05- Cuartero – Mama 06- Mendo feat. Andre Butano – Gringo [8BIT] 07- Snilloc – Paraszlany 08- Townston & Delgado – Day & Night 09- Daniel Pscheid & Gene – You 10- Timid Boy – My Gang [TIME HAS CHANGED] 11- Dave Brody – Sweat (Alli Borem Remix) 12- Timid Boy – The Jazz Club 13- Sascha Sonido – What We Need 14- Tony Dee – Jump Jump 15- Maya Jane Coles – What They Say (Dyed Soundorom Remix / Steve Lawer Edit) 16- Claire Ripley & Zeitgeist – Crystal Meth Barbie 17- Daniel Agema – Emphasis [OVERDRIVE]
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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