Crystal Meth: Does My Boss Have a Drug Problem?

Question by collier315: Does my boss have a drug problem?
My boss and I are kind of friends. At 34 she admits to have experianced A LOT of drugs and various ways to get high. About a month ago she confided in me that for fun and to “answer lifes questions” she does Nitrous Oxide/ laughing gas. She has a tank or something?? I also know she takes Adderall because she suffers from Narcolepsy. She gave a co-worker Klonapin after the co-worker was having trouble sleeping. MY POINT: One day she is SUPER happy..laughing and joking and overall extremly positive. Then at the drop of a dime she becomes very defensive and serious. I love my job and she starts having low self esteem and says things like “I just wish you could be honest with me and tell me why you don’t like it here” I am seriously the most positive and honest person. If I hated work, I would say something. She is a Social Worker and we have clients and families complain about her abrupt behavior. Somedays she has flawless skin and then the next day her face is filled with large acne. Last week a coworker lost her cat very suddenly. My boss kept starting fights with this poor lady. It was weird and everyone wondered why my boss would fly off the handle like that. I guess I don’t know much about drugs- but I KNOW she is on something. She’s chatty, agitative, breaking out on her face and very defensive. Any ideas of her drug of choice???

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Answer by Greg
I don’t think what drug it is matters here. We already know she has access to 3 things so far, I would not be surprised if she had more prescription ones or even did illegals, mixing them or getting different reactions. I find it disappointing that she’s a boss and a social worker and doing this. It could be hurting her business as well. I don’t know if there is anything you can do.

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