Crystal Meth: Can Crystal Meth Kill a Person the First Time It’s Tried?

by jczart

Question by Lola: Can crystal meth kill a person the first time it’s tried?
I have a friend who tried meth a couple weeks ago and i told her how dangerous that drug is. The thing is that i told her that it could’ve killed her just by trying it once, then she laughed at me and saying “it’s not like i’m gonna use it everyday, besides heroine can kill someone the first time the person uses it, not crystal meth.” Well, i’ve done some research about the dangers of meth and i’m not quite sure if it can kill someone the first time the person tries it. I just said that so she could be scared and not wanna try it again. However i’d like to be sure so i could give advise with more background that can help.

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Answer by madjz
Meth is a very dangerous drug. She could have been killed the first time she used it, and is ignorant to think that only heroin kills like that. Although, she is more likely to get addicted and die a slow, painful and ugly death.

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Crystal Meth: Crystal Meth addiction – educational.wmv

A story of a girl who started Meth at 12 and at the age off 15 she was found dead with the needle still in her arm. Crystal meth, faces of meth, Methamphetamine, meth abuse, addictiion, effects of meth, destructive, education
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26 Responses to “Crystal Meth: Can Crystal Meth Kill a Person the First Time It’s Tried?”

  • beachnboardwalk:

    Any drug can kill you if you accidentally OD on it, or if your body has a bad reaction to it. Your friend really needs a slap upside the head, sorry to say. If she wants to experiment with drugs, that’s her business but she shouldn’t be clueless about what the consequences can be. I hope you have some luck getting through to her.

  • dragonlady042:

    Just and FYI first…..I’m not drug expert..the worst thing i’ve ever done (besides smoke cigarettes) is pot. It’s great that you’re doing research for your friend and asking questions about drugs. Here’s the thing…if a drug is going to kill a person the first time they use it…it basically depends on the person’s health. Yes, ANY drug can kill a person the first time they use them…especially if they’re not watching how much they’re using. And meth is just like heroine. It’s addicting, it’s dangerous not just to the person using but to those around them. If your friend wants to be stupid and use drugs and not heed a friend’s warning/basically listen…then there’s no reason why you should be that person’s friend. Drugs, and drinking are the worst things a person could do to themselves and to loved ones. And if your friend is willing to put her life in danger…don’t you think he/she is willing to do the same with yours or the people they’re with? GL to you AND your friend…I hope she opens her eyes to the dangers and stops before it’s too late for her.

  • My Evil Twin:

    Of course it can kill on the first try. So can alcohol, Ecstasy, or any other abused drug. Your friend is shockingly ignorant.

  • heatherhall24:

    @giannahs do some research, I read this on the wall of a treatment center 15 yrs ago….check out other meth sites you will find it allover, written by various people….

  • omenofisolation:

    id rather be on meth than on facebook with all you fucking goof offs… my entire generation is just sitting on the internet like a bunch of bitches… thats why I do meth. I am alone in a world of shit.

  • Wolfsbane909:

    hmm..short term effects.

    check, check, check, oh wow someone has 5 outta 6 symptoms of psychosis already..irritability, temper out bursts, aggression. skin abscesses, lead poisoning, dopamine is needed to regulate “regular” emotional levels and feelings of “joy” in the brain. once these levels are “burned” out the receptors stop producing dopamine leading to depression & violent outbursts. paranoia, confusion, anxiety, rage..check.

  • giannahs:

    I know you’re only kidding………..

  • Froggatt:

    it must be good for them to want it so bad, im going to try it today.

  • themodifiedbarbie:

    @giannahs – I have used, and actually seeing how it was made really made me re-think what I was doing, because I never cared to learn what it consisted of. @boxer19851 – most users, like myself aren’t educated enough to make these drugs- so seeing the ingredients wouldn’t do anything.. :/

  • ritchie1475:

    @TashaRichardsonFan Yes thank you I found it not long after I posted the question, if u look down ull see my other post stating I did, yes it is a tradegy this drug is just evil, but thanks once again.

  • giannahs:

    @boxer19851 for sure, there will always be self centered people who will, but at the same time those who are innoncent will think twice about taking the drugs once they know what is it. It is all about bringing awareness to educate people that it is like poison. Not something to take lightly.

  • boxer19851:

    @giannahs the thing is people will still make it and take irrespective of what it does

  • TashaRichardsonFan:

    Angela Fatino
    She started using Meth when she was 12, and committed suicide at 15. RIP

  • giannahs:

    @boxer19851 If they are still interested in making it after seeing how it destroys us then they are suicidal

  • boxer19851:

    why did you have to document how it was made? did you not stop to think people will be making it now?

  • ritchie1475:

    Ahh found it Angela Fatino is her name

  • ritchie1475:

    Whats the girls name?

  • giannahs:

    @heatherhall24 She wrote this while she was in jail because of offences caused by taking meth

  • heatherhall24:

    this poem was written b4 she ever tried meth….

  • MickeyLove01:

    She wasn’t found dead with a needle in her arm, she shot herself with a handgun.

  • MickeyLove01:

    So where’s the “story” of the girl then?

  • MickeyLove01:


  • drewswift:

    boo hoo hoo sorry no pitty for users. only the children of cooker as most of the time they don’t have the option to not be around the crap. but for the users who gives a shit.

  • richbdd01:

    @olla08 a song is usually a composition by an artist or a band, averaging about 3-5 minutes.

  • Zachbro39:

    omg i never knew what it was made out of till just now, gives me the shivers thinking of how toxic it is. Thanks for the info.

  • guizmo233:

    feel sorry for her, what a fucking short story for a so beautifull little girl… she has lived hell, for sure.