Crystal Meth: Can Crystal Meth Kill a Person the First Time It’s Tried?

by jczart

Question by Lola: Can crystal meth kill a person the first time it’s tried?
I have a friend who tried meth a couple weeks ago and i told her how dangerous that drug is. The thing is that i told her that it could’ve killed her just by trying it once, then she laughed at me and saying “it’s not like i’m gonna use it everyday, besides heroine can kill someone the first time the person uses it, not crystal meth.” Well, i’ve done some research about the dangers of meth and i’m not quite sure if it can kill someone the first time the person tries it. I just said that so she could be scared and not wanna try it again. However i’d like to be sure so i could give advise with more background that can help.

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Answer by madjz
Meth is a very dangerous drug. She could have been killed the first time she used it, and is ignorant to think that only heroin kills like that. Although, she is more likely to get addicted and die a slow, painful and ugly death.

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