Crystal Meth: Britney Spears Is Addicted to Crystal Meth!!!????

Question by Chad (???): Britney Spears is addicted to Crystal Meth!!!????
Tonight while in the store, i noticed the cover of a magazine that said something like “Britney’s Addiction to Crystal Meth!” andi read the article and it says that “meth” is the reason for her “strange recent behavior” and it says that she has been doing it for 3 years now. I don’t believe this is true! She is just having a mental breakdown but she can’t be that low to be addicted to meth!!!
She’s better than that………
“crazy gal” i care!
if i didn’t care about her i wouldn’t have posted this question.
if you don’t care then why the hell would you even bother answering this question????

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Answer by Alan N
With Britney, anything is possible!
Personally, I would guess acid or ecstasy but meth is possible since it’s been going on for awhile and acid wears off and isn’t addictive. Plus meth seems to be the “in” drug right now.

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