Are Any Family Members Heading Down a Path of Addiction

Becoming addicted to an illegal or prescription substance doesn’t usually happen instantaneously. Many people don’t even see it becoming a problem until it is too late. The addicted person will go through, and put their family through many ups and downs that seem never ending. Lies are a common behavior for addicts and their family may not be able to believe anything they say anymore. Families begin to greatly distrust their addicted family member to the point where if they even go to the bathroom they are suspected of using drugs in there. If jewelry or money is missing they are suspected of stealing it. Trust seems to be a thing that may never be found again.

There used to be a time when all a parent worried about was their child using marijuana. Now there are a number of drugs that any teenager can get from their friends at school. Drugs that your teenager can smoke, snort, huff and ingest are readily available to them and they are not giving them up. They may seem remorseful when they get caught and will promise to do better, but when a person is hooked, all they can think about is the next fix. They will try harder to avoid being caught again. But this isn’t getting to the source of the problem.

You may think there isn’t anything you can do with your teen if they are using drugs. However, you still have a lot of power as a parent if you teen in still less than 18 years old. You may only have a very short window of time before their 18th birthday, then after that you can force them to get well. So, while you are still legally obligated to care for them you should seek help for them. Some kids have to be placed in an inpatient rehab program to kick the habit. Others will be going to drug court and participate in weekly group counseling as well as individual sessions to gain insight into their behavior.

Many of the prescription drugs available are gateways to harder drugs like crystal meth and others. These drugs can have devastating affects on your family’s life. You aren’t able to completely walk away from the affects that these addiction place in you life. When you see signs, it’s time to immeditatly take action to prevent the seed from sprouting.

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