Am I Too Ugly to Succeed in Life?

Question by lillies_tulips_roses: Am I too ugly to succeed in life?
I’m a smart girl looking to become a lawyer in the corporate sector when my time comes (I’m from a business/ law family).

But all around me, I see beautiful successful people and I can’t help but feel like my life is worthless. A boy recently told me that I look like “a man on crystal meth” to my face.

I know I”m ugly, but am I truly that horrific that I will never be able to join the ranks of the corporate professional class?

I actually burst in tears on the street overhearing an attractive pair chatting over their respective law firms.

So, I am seeing a plastic surgeon for other non-cosmetic reasons, but can I do anything to help my life out? I try to be a nice and thoughtful person, but no one likes me and everyone makes me feel like a pariah that should do the world a favor and slice her skin off. Why do people have to look so strangely at me?
Everywhere around me, I see people mentioning looks or reading about looks and how life is affected by it. I’m going insane with this bizarre manifestation among strangers: my paranoia in front of me.

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Answer by Burkettmom3
I think you are pretty! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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